Saturday, December 23, 2006


Oh my goodness, I'm getting so excited now! My Dad & Pauline will be here in a few hours and I still have loads to organise. I really shouldn't be on here typing this. I had a quick poke of the turkey and it's defrosting nicely. That would be a nightmare, if it was still frozen on Christmas Day.
The mechanic is outside fixing our car, at last. I'm actually terrified that he's going to knock and say it can't be fixed. We've already paid him £300 for the parts. I want to go to the cemetery tomorrow to put some flowers on Nans grave, but obviously can't if we have no car. Please please please let it be fixed!
Pete has just gone down the town to get a few last presents for me. Brave man. I bet it's insane down there today.
Both the boys are playing out and Isobel is in bed, so I guess I'd better go get on with my housework.

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