Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I just spoke to Ryan on the mobile as he'd snuck off to speak to us so they weren't ear wigging. I asked him if he was having fun and he just went 'Hmmmmm'. His Mum has moaned at him all week and he's told her to stop being so miserable, which has made her worse. They forbade him from talking about Christmas in front of Holly, but all they've done all week is moan about Christmas. What hypocrites! They can whinge about it, but he can't say how great it is. Every time a Christmas song comes on she says 'Lets all think about Jehovah for a minute'. Excuse me while I piss myself laughing!
He asked her last week on the phone not to buy a coat for him without him choosing it as he's at that age where he's fussy. She wouldn't have it and wouldn't listen to Ryan telling her not to waste her money. Even Pete tried to reason with her about it. So, she bought the damn coat, and he hated it. So she bought him another, which he hated, and a hat(which, yes, he hated). She's made him like this with clothes, not us. My kids wear second hand and like it. There's no fashion consciousness in this house. She on the other hand, buys all their clothes from Monsoon, BHS, Marks & Next.
She's also been bleating on about him leaving her being the worst thing she's ever been through. He told me just now he just wishes she could be a proper Mum. Poor little guy. She also dumped him at football today and walked off, she couldn't even spare the hour and a half to watch him. Sad. Jehovah is much more important, obviously. I'm looking forward to him coming home. I'm not surprised he's had a crap time, we all knew that would be the case. At least he's had a holiday out of it.

I've just ordered the flowers for Lisa's funeral on Friday. I don't know what to put on the little card. What can you say?

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