Monday, December 04, 2006

Another Monday

This picture is of Taylor when he was about 3 years old. I'd forgotten how blond he was!

Well, the weather was beautiful earlier, and now a huge dirty great raincloud has come over. I knew I should've hung my washing out early this morning. We've been to baby group this morning, and I'm just enjoying a quiet five minutes while Jake and Isobel are in bed. It won't last long though.

I called the Wright Stuff this morning. It's the first time I've ever done anything like it so that was fun. I'm really not a daytime TV person but our Telewest box isn't working properly at the moment so we can't get all the good channels. Hence why I'm stuck watching the terrestrial channels. Taylor watched me talking on the TV, fascinated. I called in to talk about vanity over health, and how sunbeds cause skin cancer. Obviously a subject close to my heart right now because of Lisa. I have always been a sun worshipper, but never again. You won't find me baking myself in the garden next summer, that's for sure.

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