Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Poor Ryan

Ryan's Mum has been giving him a hard time on the phone, and she was horrible to him all week at Centreparcs, which has made him generally nervy again and not able to sleep. His nervous tic has also come back a year after it disappeared(he clears his throat constantly, even he knows it's connected to his Mum), and he suffers from bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome when he gets stressed.
We turned the phone off a few days ago as she likes to call him to tell him how empty Christmas is, just to rattle him. She did it last year leading up to Christmas so we turned the phone off then too. We turned it back on for about an hour on Christmas Eve so that Taylor's Dad could call to arrange a pick up time, and surprise surprise Sian called while the phone was on. I shouted to Ryan to leave the phone but he bloody answered it! As soon as he realised it was her he said 'Oh!', and laid the phone down on the table. I spoke to her, here is the gist of the conversation:

Me: Ryan doesn't want to speak to you until after Christmas.
Sian: Whys that then?
Me: Because you upset him and try to ruin his Christmas.
Sian: I've never mentioned Christmas to him.
Me: Yes, you have. You did last year.
Sian: I know what I have and haven't said(her famous irrational temper was now rising to her trademark scream).
Me: So do we Sian, we've heard you. Also, he's felt like crap since coming back from his holiday with you, and he doesn't want to speak to you. It was his choice to lay the phone down when he heard your voice, I wasn't even in the room.
Sian: Slams phone down

Ryan then spent a good hour on the toilet with an IBS attack. Thankfully he felt better by the time our party started, and the festivities over the last few days took his mind off it.
Unfortunately, now that's all over he's been worrying again. He told Pete today that he might not speak to her again, he is just sick of all the stress. I think he wishes she could be a normal Mum, but it's never going to happen.

I'm looking forward to her next phone call! ;)

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