Friday, December 22, 2006

Give me back my boyfriend...

I think Pete has been abducted by aliens and replaced. He called me at work today to tell me he was clearing loads of crap out of the house, and getting the boys to help him clean.
Once a year, at varying times, Pete suddenly gets a bug up his arse and he cleans. He also shouts at anyone who dares to make a mess or question him, and basically acts like I do all year round when I shout at the family for making a mess. The difference is, no one listens to me or cares, but he expects us all to jump up and start cleaning. Double standards.
So I praise them all for the good job when I got home, it looks very nice, and I only have the bathroom and kitchen to clean tomorrow ready for my Dad & Pauline coming over. Happy days! But one 'Good Boy' isn't enough. Pete wants to be patted on the head like a Labrador and fed chocolate drops all night for his hard work. Why don't I get complimented on my hard work around the house EVERY DAY?
Then he irrationally starts moaning about the animals, saying they make his life too hard and he wants them all gone. Why should I listen or care, when for the last 7 years I've been saying the same things and no one has given a shit? Strange man. I'm dreading his next cleaning fit. I'd rather he didn't bother.

We were naughty tonight and drank a bottle of champers and played our new Buzz Music Quiz game. It was great fun. I also finished the last of the food shopping today, it was insane in Asda. The crazies were out in force, fighting over carrots and brandy butter. I'm just enjoying lazing around now and waiting for the big day. The turkey is defrosting, the house is tidy(at a price), the booze is chilling and the cupboards are full of chocolates. Merry Christmas!

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Dan said...

Asda was beyond mental today... Of course, year before last, I was in Sainsburys, crack of dawn, Xmas Eve. Along with every other person in Basildon.

Not THAT wasn't fun...