Monday, December 18, 2006

Heavy weekend

Well, we've had a busy one! It was Pete's birthday on Friday, but as it was also my work Christmas Meal we went along to that. One of our cooks husband had just had a bonus so he bought about 12 bottles of expensive wine, which Pete and I enjoyed a little too much of. On Saturday I had to drag the kids across to Laindon on the bus to drop them off at my Mums as we were going clubbing.
We went to our favourite club, The End. We went with James and Ali, some friends of our that we've not known for long, and have never been out with them before. James' partner Sam had to stay home with their son Harvey, which was a shame. They were excellent company, I had a wicked time and feel very fragile today. Timo Maas was DJing a six hour set and the techno he played was awesome. I'd love to find out his tracklisting as I'd love to buy a few new records for my collection. I shook his hand at the end, he was brilliant. I danced all night, didn't sit down once, but I actually feel the worst I've ever felt after a night out now. I think I'm getting too old for this!
We got home at 9am Sunday, and I slept until 1.30pm. Then I had to make the hardest bus journey of my life to get the kids home. I was in bed by 8pm, then woke up at 1am, and couldn't get back to sleep! I feel like death warmed up today.
Taylor has his school play this afternoon, so I need to sort myself out before we go and watch that.

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