Friday, December 08, 2006

Ryan's home

I was desperate to get home before he did to welcome him home. I was expecting him home by four, and four rolled around and I was still stuck at work. I got in at 5.15 expecting him to be there and he wasn't. They turned up 5 minutes later and he couldn't wait to get away from them. He cried, not because he was sad to leave them, but because he was glad to be home.
They'd shouted at him all the way home, telling him how evil we are, and how much she hates me and that she hoped I wouldn't be there when they dropped him off(unlucky!). She thinks I control him, which is a massive psychological projection of her personality traits on to me, because honestly, if I were controlling at all Pete would have kicked my arse to the kerb years ago like he did to her. She can't accept that this is RYAN'S CHOICE. Yes, he has chosen to live with a devil worshipping heathen over you. Suck it up. She has gone on and on about how he could come back and he's told her time and time again he likes it here and would never come back. Open your ears Sian. The boy is almost 13, not 3. He has a voice, and an opinion, and he's entitled to one. We raise our kids to have confidence and a sense of self, and to question the things in front of them, and she HATES that. They've argued with him about Christmas being empty and worthless, about the JWs knowing more than doctors when it comes to blood transfusions, about him being here with us 'wordly' people. Honestly, he's just a kid! He said he's never ever going away with them again. I don't blame him.
She also asked Ryan in secret if he would come back if she dumped Dean, her husband. What kind of wife does that? Unfreakingbelievable!

I'm off out for my Christmas work do in about an hour, I must remember to take my camera! We've just had a celebratory Chinese takeaway to welcome him home.


Dan said...

I'm glad he's home Laney. That family (them, not you!) needs a serious kicking and a massive dose of "Wake-The-Hell-Up"

I have never ever in all my time understood JW. With the last few years with hospitals and heart surgeries with Bethy, I'm on several support groups, and JW babies that could be operated on and saved are taken home for "Compassionate Care" which is another way of saying "Let them die" all because of the blood donor issue. Drives me *nuts* that anyone can do that, but especially for their "god".


Hope you have a grand time tonight darlin - I expect lots of blurry, out of focus, drunk-as-a-skunk pictures tomorrow!

(Hope the hangover doesn't last!!)

Laney said...

The hangover didn't last, but I'm drinking again tonight so it's stretching on into Sunday. I'm getting too old for this!

As far as I'm concerned ANY parent who would allow their child to die over some crappy made up bible(the JW bible isn't even accurate) is evil. Lots of people say to me 'I know a few lovely JW's' and make excuses. As far as I'm concerned anyone who can do something so callous doesn't deserve any respect from me at all. They can all kiss my arse!

I'm actually very very suprised I don't get any abusive comments from JW's on here as I KNOW they read it.