Thursday, December 07, 2006

This post over on Dan's Blog reminded me to come and update mine. That first crack of thunder today was the loudest I've ever heard, and being a fan of storms I've heard a few. Our office is indoors with no external windows, and it still made the whole room rattle like a bomb going off. It must have been right overhead.

Pete spoke to Ryan today without them being with him and he's really fed up. Pete asked him if it was bad enough for us to borrow a car and come get him, and he said it's not quite that bad, but even so it shouldn't be bad at all! She's been going on and on about him coming back to the meetings, and her JW friends have been on at him too calling him 'worldly' and giving him a hard time. Thankfully he's stuck up for himself and told them that he's happy here with us, and would never go back to her or the meetings. She asked why he likes it here with us and he said the atmosphere is great and we're chilled out. She let him down at football again today and went off with her friends. He's been eating alone and swimming alone every day. At least he gets to come home tomorrow. I bet he can't wait. I wonder if he'll ever go with them again as he really hasn't enjoyed it at all?

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