Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shop til you drop!

Every year I put some money by, add it to any gift vouchers I'm given, and go shopping in the Next sale. It's become a bit of a tradition, I've been doing it since I was pregnant with Taylor 8 years ago. Ryan likes to come with me, we have a right laugh. I find that I can get enough clothes to last the kids all year, and the quality is much better than we can normally afford. We pretty much go without all year, and wear a lot of second hand(except for Ryan, who has expensive tastes), so this is a well deserved treat.
We left at 6.15am this morning, and thankfully it wasn't too busy in the shop(normally it's rammed). I managed to get everything I wanted, I'm really pleased, and Isobel got spoilt as usual. I got her a fab winter coat reduced from £20 to £10. Ryan had lots of money too, so we then had some breakfast whilst waiting for the other shops to open at 8am that he needed to go into.
Pete met us down there at 11am as he needed to visit a few shops, but by this time we were losing the will to live and each footstep was agony.
I was falling asleep by the time we got home, but another tradition is I add up what the clothes would have originally cost before the sale, just to make me feel like I've got a bargain. My stuff should have cost £360, and I got it for £170. Here is our hoard of goodies! :)

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