Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Don't you just love them at this age? Now I'm not complaining, I'm well practised in the art of the tantrum, and never get flustered or embarrassed. I just couldn't believe the state Isobel got herself into this morning. We had a Halloween fancy dress party to go to at Baby Group, so we got her ready and set off walking without the pushchair. Isobel is 30 months old and more than capable of walking the 5 minutes to baby group, but she decided to wail and scream for a cuddle. I've had a torn ligament in my arm for about 8 months which was finally getting better, so I carried her for a minute then made her walk(my arm now feels awful again). She had a complete meltdown all the way there, then threw herself on someones lawn in a paddy, so I tucked her under my arm and came straight home again, with her wailing 'Baby Grooouuuuup!' at the top of her voice. She's in bed now, as quiet as a mouse, bless her.

That shop has gone, but another one is coming on the market in a few weeks so we have first dibs on it. We're going to have a look at a tiny arcade unit in Benfleet too, which if we went for we'd have to spend lots on advertising(not a problem), and focus more on business sales. Which means Pete could do what he does best and travel around as a Sales Exec getting customers, while I work in the shop. Also, Pete was told today he's getting made redundant next year, which fits our plans perfectly. We are so happy about it, he'll get a nice lump sum to put back into the business, and have spare time to do the sales work.

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