Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm feeling flustered and rushed this evening, so am now sitting down enjoying a glass of wine. I've been baking Halloween biscuits this morning, then I put a roast dinner on and my Mum came over. Pete and I went to look at another shop this afternoon, which was no good(surprise surprise). Then we stopped off in Wickford to get some food shopping and while we were there we spotted a shop similar to the one we're opening, so Wickford is off the list. Back to the drawing board. Then I had to get the kids ready for a Halloween party over the road. Taylor has stayed over there, but we have two football games in the morning, then we're going to the Sealife Centre in the afternoon. Then, we're viewing another shop afterwards...Whew!!
I've got apple pie to bake tomorrow before my Bramleys rot and are unusable. I've had to store them outside as they were full of fruit fly and we always get them indoors this time of year. Of course I realised too late and we've been invaded, again. It happens every Autumn.

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