Friday, October 13, 2006

On the booze already

It's only 7.45pm and I've had a glass of wine already. I do like the Vino to relax me on a Friday.
Work was busy this week, I felt really rough today too. I've been dizzy all day, I tried everything to get my blood sugar back up but it was having none of it.

I haven't spoken to my Mum yet. She's MSN'd me a few times, but by the time I've seen the message a few minutes have passed, I've replied and she's sent nothing back. I reckon as soon as she knows it's me on the pooter she turns it off, she probably wants to speak to Pete instead.

We've pretty much decided what to do about the shop, but I can't say too much in case people involved see it(not that they know about my blog, but you can't be too careful!). I will say, we are going for a smaller operation first, to test it out. We wont need to borrow any money yet, as there is no risk with this option.
I'm having Jake next week as it seems Lara may have found a job. I only spoke to her for a few seconds as I was at work so I'm not sure of the details yet. I'm looking forward to it actually, he's a sweet little thing. Isobel enjoys having him here too.

Sian called Pete yesterday and had the most adult and sane conversation she’s ever had with him.

She reckons she’s going back to work soon and will give us some money then. Pete told her she is upsetting Ryan by not paying, as it shows him she doesn’t care about his welfare. Pete also told her that the whole witnessing thing is the worst thing she can do, as Ryan hates it and it makes him dread seeing her. She’s promised to leave him alone, but we’ve had that conversation before.
I’m not convinced that there isn’t an ulterior motive to the whole thing; she doesn’t do anything unless she gains something back from it. She probably thinks that he’ll want to move back there if she starts behaving like a reasonable adult. He may well go back one day, but he’s silly if he thinks a leopard can change its spots.

I'm pleased she seems to be learning from her mistakes. At least her two little girls may stand a chance and wont have such a miserable existence if she learns to be a better Mother.

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