Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I tried to talk to Pete about how I'm feeling with regards to the house, and how I'm sinking under the amount of work. Since the kids have gone back to school, Taylor is getting a mountain of homework and out of school activities. Getting him to do his homework without tears is a massive battle, and I can't keep up. It's all MY responsibility and I just can't take anymore on. He's never here in the evenings as it always Gym or Football. The whole time I'm trying to talk to him he's getting more and more offended by it, until the whole thing is turned around and suddenly it's my fault. We went to bed fine with each other, but then Isobel cried all. damn. night. I got up with her about 10 times, then I ignored her. So he got up with the arse, stomped his feet and went downstairs. This morning I was supposed to be taking Taylor to school, but Pete's playing the martyr and doing the 'I'll do it!' thing. He's shouting at the kids and shouting at me. When I asked him what his problem is, it's me. Nice. Again, all my fault. So how did the conversation last night go from me being upset with being taken advantage of, to him being upset with me? Nothing has changed, because now I'm the guilty one for daring to have an opinion. He didn't even say goodbye to me this morning, boy I can't wait for him to get home tonight!


Dan said...

Wow, sounds like lots of fun and games :D
Me and Jo have our moments, but generally, we ignore everything equally then catch up with it over a few days ;)

Hope you sort it out OK.

Laney said...

Well, he met me up at the school, and is tired, grumpy, but fine with me. I guess it's the sleepless nigts making him ratty. *shrugs*