Sunday, October 15, 2006

This cracked the boys up when they saw it. Pete found it on Google Video.

Ryan's team won 5-2 today, so that was good. They are top of their league, so hopefully they'll go up next season. Taylor has his name on his clubs website now, so it's a proud moment for us, seeing his name there.

I was bored at football so took Taylor and Isobel for a walk in the woods to look for squirrels. Isobel loves them, they are really cheeky and will come right up to you. They were all out collecting their stash for the winter months. I picked a bumper crop of mushrooms. I got two small bags full, and was licking my lips in anticipation of munching on them at home. Then, as I put them in the boot of the car, I noticed that they were Yellow Stainer, the deceivers of the 'shrooming world. :( They taste like ink and give you the squits, so they won't be getting fried in garlic and butter any time soon. Bugger.

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