Thursday, October 19, 2006


We've had a strange few days, with regards to the shop. We had the price through for the house from the Council, and they've over charged us by about £8000. There are houses on the estate up for £84000, with lovely new windows and kitchens and decking out the back. Ours has drafty windows, crumbling plaster, kitchen doors hanging off and they want £97500 for it!! No chance! We get a massive discount on top of that anyway, but that extra £8000 is the shop finance that we were to borrow as extra. So the new inflated house price means no shop. :(

We can appeal, but it could take 6 months, and we can't wait that long for the finance. Soooo, we've been accepted for an excellent loan, and the shop preparations have started as of today. I can't wait. We are still going to appeal, but are in no rush now.
I'm going to be working extra hours next week to cover my colleage Wendy, who leaves on Friday, so that's more pennies in the pot for Christmas.

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