Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stroppy Madam

We don't get many tantrums from Isobel, all the kids have been good through the 'terrible twos' really. We don't pander to it though, that's probably why. I take no notice whatsoever! This whole episode started because she decided she wanted orange juice instead of blackcurrant juice in her cup, but instead of asking for it she just stamped her feet and threw herself on the floor. Of course, I'm as stubborn as an ox and refused to get it until she calmed down. :) Evil Mummy!

Taylor had football training today, but as Pete was away last night I took him on the bus. He has his first match on November 5th, we can't wait! He's getting really skillful with the ball now, bless him. Ryan has taught him a lot too. Ryan has a game tomorrow too, which we're all going to. Pete hasn't got any football tomorrow so we're all free to watch Ryan play for a change. Here is his Man of the Match trophy from last Sunday, which he'll have to present to someone else this week.

I found some mushrooms at last today, I was thrilled. The big ones are Shaggy Parasols, and I've never tried them. Apparently they make some people have a tummy ache, so the kids won't be eating any. More for me! The tiny white one is a Field Mushroom, much like the ones you buy in Tescos. Not much of a meal there though.

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