Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not much going on today. Isobel has been good company today, making us all laugh. I'm back at work tomorrow and I really can't be arsed. Pete goes away on Friday afternoon so I'll be all on my own for the weekend. I can see copious amounts of booze in my future. :) I always drink when I'm bored and lonely. I need to hire some Vince Vaughn movies to keep me busy. ;)

Pete is supposed to be phoning Sian in a minute, to speak to her about maintenance. She still won't pay us anything, and is openly laughing at us. Pete wants to give her an ultimatum, pay or you don't see him.
She's not being a responsible parent, is she? She is gallivanting around spending money hand over fist while her own flesh and blood suffers. We really do struggle, and he does miss out. I'm not sure how that conversation is going to pan out. :-/ It'll be WW3 here in a bit, I'm sure. He is supposed to be staying with her again in December and he doesn't really want to go.

Video of Pete and Isobel;

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Dan said...

That woman needs some kind of kicking, Basildon-Style. Crazy old cow!

Good luck with the boozey weekend! I get mine next week (I think, maybe the week after!) when Jo naffs off for a few days!