Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another weekend

Where do the weeks go?

On Friday afternoon we packed the kids off to various places to go on a very important adventure! We went to stay with Becky in Coventry on the Friday night. She's having a tough time right now(exes, family, the usual stuff), so it was nice to see her and try and cheer her up. Her little baby Adam is the cutest little thing, he's so smiley!
We are opening a franchise business very soon, so went to the Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham on the Saturday to chat to the guys who run the venture. Pete has known them for years, which is a bonus obviously. At least we know they can be trusted. They were store managers where Pete used to work, they all worked together for years and basically got sick of always answering to someone else(much like Pete now). We've been discussing this for two years and are finally in the position to do it. Well, almost. We were considering buying one of the already up and running Midlands stores, but they are being viewed by someone next week so I guess they'll beat us to it. Once we've bought this house(probably by the end of November), we will be talking to the bank and finding a shop. We're kind of hoping for Wickford, as it needs to be roadside for passing trade, but there isn't much empty there right now. The right one will come up. We have requested a viewing for one, but it has no parking. It might be the one though, so we'll take a look.

We do feel like we are being guided by a big hand through all this, and as Pete said yesterday "We're just along for the ride!". Everything is just slotting into place and fitting just right. It's about time we had some good luck.

The main reason we're doing this is so that in 3 years time we will not be living
here. I want out, not for me, but for the kids. It's not so much the estate where we live. That's fine, the people here are great. It's the seemingly constant murders going on in Basildon right now, it's turning into Nottingham! You can't even go into town in broad daylight without watching somebody die. It's beginning to take the piss. I want to move to the 'burbs!

Pete has gone to football(I just heard from Jane and they're winning 2-0), so has Ryan, and my Mum still has the other two. Bliss, I tell you! I never want the peace and quiet to end.

We had a looong chat with Ryan last night, a nice chat. I think the way his Mum has behaved has finally dawned on him. He can see her true colours now. I think he's finally realised how badly behaved he was being a few months back too. He's been an angel this month, it's Taylor causing the trouble. We're pretty sure he's grieving pretty hard for Nanny Farm, so we aren't being too tough on him.
Ryan just got in, he won at football and got Man of the Match! Good lad!

This is an old picture of the boys, it must be 4 years ago now. It's one of my favourites.

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