Monday, January 14, 2008


Mondays suck, don't they?

Ryan and I finished off the algebra today, thank god. Of course, we are going to have to revise it in a month or so because he will forget a lot of it. The more he does it the more he will remember. Isobel skipped off to school again today with no fuss, she loves it, and it is sooo quiet here in the afternoons. It's bliss.

Taylor took these pictures of Isobel and I just now. I love her face in the first one. She is not a fan of the camera(unlike her mother, I'm not camera shy!).

Ryan might be going back to school, we haven't heard back yet, but there could be a space. I will miss doing the work with him, it's fun, but I won't miss having him home with me every day. Having the afternoon to myself sounds like a dream right now.


Shirl said...

Great photos... :0)

Wish you loads of luck with Ryan going back to school.

Jenny said...

Lovely pics, good luck with school:)

RaisinCookies said...

Yes, best of luck with the school. It sounds like he's doing really well at home though, so good job!

Dan said...

Good luck with the school!
Glad the little lady is loving school - they are great in there!
And great photos - you had your hair done again or just tarting it up :D