Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fancy Dress

I've been trying to get on here to post my New Years Eve pics for days, but as I was back to work the last two days, it's been manic.
We went to a fancy dress party, but as we are extremely poor after Christmas we had to make do with making costumes from whatever we had at home, Pete went as Adam Ant(wearing my Mum's clothes - scary), I was a hippy, Ryan went as an Emo/Goth, and Taylor as a Chav. It was quite funny to see the boys swap roles, as their styles tend to be round the other way.

Pete with Tony...sorry Adam Ant and James Bond.

Me with Jeanette

Ryan wearing makeup...even worse it suited him!

Taylor the Chav
Brian & Leigh

Another one of me.

The girls doing karaoke.

It was a good party, until it came to home time. We were told we had a 3 hour wait for a cab. The people whose party it was were very clear about the fact that they wanted no-one in their house until 5am waiting, and we were told to walk a mile to the taxi rank. With children. At 2am in the rain. There was a man there who hadn't been drinking, but he refused to do three drop offs into Basildon(we were in Wickford at the time). Tony had to call his Mum and wake her up, even though she had to work the next day. I couldn't believe the trouble we had, it was embarrassing. We won't be going there again!

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