Monday, January 28, 2008


This is not a very happy home at the moment. Don't really know what to say, but I've been miserable for ages, months. I feel completely undervalued and unimportant. I ALWAYS come at the bottom of the pile, and if I didn't run Pete's and the kids lives for them nothing would ever happen here. Pete hates his job and takes it out on me and the kids. I've shut my emotions down entirely to protect myself and learnt to keep quiet. Pete has tried really hard this week, bless him, but it's going to take me a while to get back to normal I think. I hope I can. It's been a really tough couple of days.

I still haven't got out into the garden, I will really try tomorrow, it will cheer me up so I know I need to do it. We kept all the kids home and took them out for the day today. Pete has called his boss and said we are having problems and he's staying home to sort them out. So, we've had a chance to try and regroup. It's funny how quickly things can go downhill, isn't it? Really, I have no idea what I'm doing.


Thursday said...

Sounds like you did the right thing by ALL regrouping but any chance just you and Pete could head off somewhere for a couple of days for the pair of you to regroup? Big hug Laney, big hug.

SarahC♥ said...

I know how you feel. I am the bottom of the pile after my son, the husband, 3 cats, the dog and the rubbish that needs to be put out.

I am not appreciated at all. Its taken for granted that i'll tidy up after them, that i will cook the dinners everynight, that the house is clean...washing is done. Basically in my house, i do everything. There is not one thing my husband does. He doesn't do DIY, i do it, he doesn't do the gardening, i do it, he does NOTHING! I never knew the 50's still existed in 2008, well, in my house, its alive and well!

Rant over :)

You have to be thankful at least your husband is TRYING to make it right. My husband thinks he IS right! Difficult situation.