Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week Off

I'd booked this week off work to make sure Isobel settled in school, which she did, so I've had a nice relaxing week. I made it my mission to teach Ryan Algebra this week, and we've succeeded by sitting down everyday and working through it starting with the basics. We haven't quite finished the harder modules yet, but he managed to get through the end of the module 2 test on his online maths without my help on Friday, and he got 9 out of 10. I'm very pleased with what we've got done in a week.

I vaguely remember talking about problems with my back here a while ago. It's not actually my back, it's my hips, but the pain is in my lower back. It's been really getting me down lately, I've found that my life has become quite restricted on almost a daily basis. Cooking dinner in the evening especially has become agony for me, standing up preparing food leaves me limping(that's if I'm not limping already by that late stage in the day, which I usually am). Queuing in shops, standing still talking to someone, I just can't do it, because it kick starts the burning hip pain and it then won't leave all day no matter how much I rest. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, but the diagnosis involves huge scary needles into my pelvis, so I'm terrified. I went to the doctor this week, who was pretty useless and just shrugged his shoulders and said he'd refer me. The most upsetting thing was no-one in this house even asked how it went at the doctors surgery. I limped around the supermarket on Thursday, struggling on, and not one family member noticed. It's awful.

Anyway, enough of my moaning. Other than that I've had a good week, I went to an indoor play area thing with Sam & Harvey on Friday, before Isobel went to school. It was so good to have adult female company for a change, instead of a 14 year old boy. I feel much happier because of it. It does you good to get out. We've got a very busy few weeks as we have lots of birthdays and events coming up. I'd best get drunk at all of them or I won't be able to stand up. :D


Thursday said...

Laney, get your back sorted, big scary needles or not. Sounds like it's something that isn't going to go away of its own accord.

dawny said...

awwww big hugs, how horrible for you :o(

Laney said...

Thanks guys. It sucks being creaky and sore. I've found a chiropracter locally that might be able to re-align my pelvis. I reckon the cause was having two children(I had a dodgy pelvis with my second pregnancy, but a different condition called SPD), and if we are to ever have another baby I will have to get it sorted out first.