Monday, January 21, 2008

Another weekend gone.

Well, another busy weekend over and done with. I think Taylor may have round two of the dreaded winter sickness bug, even though we've already had it once before Christmas. He's in bed with the sick bucket, complaining of a headache, so I guess he'll be off school tomorrow. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before Ryan is moaning and groaning about being poorly, so we'll get no work done tomorrow.

I was out with friends on Friday night and babysitting on Saturday night, so it didn't feel much like I'd spent any time at home this weekend. I was meant to be doing a roast today, but I felt a bit under the weather and miserable, so Pete took us out for a carvery instead to save me from cooking. I hate this time of year, it's grey and depressing, I can't even do much out in the garden to cheer myself up. Roll on March, that's when it all starts to brighten up.

Next weekend Pete is taking the boys to Portsmouth to watch them play Plymouth in the FA cup, so my Mum is having Isobel and I'm having a lovely day to myself. I can't wait. :) They are going as a birthday treat for Taylor, as he's nine on the 8th Feb. Ryan hasn't had his birthday treat yet either, I think they're going go-karting on the 7th for that. Even though his birthday was a month ago, it is on such an awkward day that we have to put it back a month just to fit it in. It must stink having a birthday on New Years eve.

Well, I promise I'll try and update a bit more this week. :)

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