Thursday, January 24, 2008

I can't contain myself... is nearly time for me to start growing things again. I can't believe it, it felt like this day would never come. My third growing season. The evenings are getting lighter by a minute or so every day, and it notices. I went to the garden centre and bought my onion sets, second early spuds and main crop spuds(this will be my first year with these) on Wednesday. I also bought one of those crappy plastic frame greenhouse things, it's all we have the money and room for, but it means I can start things off earlier this year. I also have a big bag of manure waiting to be dug in, but that will have to wait until next week as I'm busy all weekend. I can vividly remember Pete and I sitting out there digging out that first little square foot of earth, little did I know how addictive it would be.
I sat at the table last night and did my garden plan. This year we are growing lettuce, rocket, spring onions, white & red onions, leeks, carrots, french beans, sweetcorn, swedes, parsnips, potatoes and tomatoes. There are only a few additions on last year, mainly carrots, swedes and red onions. I hope it's another good year, with a bit more sunshine.


SarahC♥ said...

(IF i learnt to spell, perhaps i wouldn't have to delete twice!!)

You sound like me, although i am mad on growing flowers. I don't have room for veg, if i did, i would! I spent £400 on flowers last year, i bought lots, then all that rain flooded my garden, so i had to buy loads more. The pictures should still be on my blog around May/June/July time. I adore my garden (in the summer). I do fab hanging expensive hobby!


I just looked back at the pictures, makes me really want the summer to be here again.

Thursday said...

Oh my God, I'd better get cracking - if you've already started, it's obviously time ...

Laney said...

Sarah, you'll have to email me your blog password. I'd love to see your flower pictures. :) I have a tiny council estate garden, now almost entirely taken up by veg patches, but we do get a lot out of it for the small space we have.

Thursday, don't panic too much, I'm just impatient and feeling miserable. The gardening cheers me up. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow.

dawny said...

Hiya , you sound so inspiring - just reading your list of all you grow - how do you keep snails and slugs from eating everything - they loved our lettuces last year.

also I've made a yahoo group for the our space bloggers :o)
if you or your younger blogger is interested :o)

Laney said...

Dawniy, I have to admit it, I'm a snail/slug murderer. Not only do I get them pissed with beer traps, but I put evil nasty pellets down.
Plus, I go out there at night, pick them up, and toe-punt them over next doors fence.

I am ashamed...but I do have lovely lettuces to show for it.