Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It's been a school themed day.

We had to go to Ryan's school this morning for a meeting with the deputy head, as he got quite badly beaten up yesterday by the boys on the football team that were bullying him before half term. Last time, Ryan's form tutor took three days to even contact us about it, and when she did she was rude to me, and then nothing was done to rectify it. It's got much worse now, and the boys will be put into isolation and excluded for a week, but then what? I don't feel we should be giving them a third chance to try and sort it out. At what cost? What if the beating is more severe next time? The deputy was trying the force Ryan to say he was coming back into school, and he stood up for himself and said he was too scared and he won't be coming back. My main concern is that if we give it another chance, and six months down the line we end up in this situation again and have to move him then, he will have even less time to settle down before his exams start. We have said enough is enough, and pulled him out. Thankfully I called a school a few miles away and he has a lot of friends already there as he has played for Wickford Town Football Club for two years, and most of his team mates attend the school. His friend who lives locally also goes there. Now is the optimum time to move him and allow him to settle down before the pressure of exams start, and having a small social circle already in place there would only be a good thing.

Then, I called to find out about Isobel's school place, and the school is over subscribed and she might not get in. She has a good chance, having a sibling at the school already, but I've had to contact another school nursery just in case.

It's all fun and games!


Steg said...

Good luck with geting your son into the other school. I have a little experience in this sort of thing. have you contacted your Local Education Authority?

Thursday said...

Sorry to hear Ryan got a beating but well done him for standing up for himself at the school. Ruffle his hair for me, will you?

Laney said...

Hi Steg! I have spoken to the education authority, but got passed around. When I moved my younger son, the school did everything for me, so I'm hoping that will be the case here. I sent the school an email yesterday after speaking to the receptionist. She seemed to think there would be no problem transfering him. Fingers crossed, it won't take long, he's bored already!

Thursday, ruffling his hair will probably embarrass him mightily, but I'll do it anyway because I am mean. :D