Friday, November 30, 2007


Whew...that's another week over and done with. Things have calmed down now, we are leaving the house thing in the hands of fate. Worrying about it won't change it. It'll either go through this week before the offer runs out on the 6th, or it won't. It's out of our hands. I don't really want to buy this place, too much needs to be done to it. I can see that it puts us on to a path where we can buy a bigger house a few years down the line, but I want to move away now and if the mortgage goes through we are stuck here. I'd be happier walking away and renting for the rest of my life, if it got me out of here sooner, but Pete has a thing about us having property to leave to the kids.
I finally get to go Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am irrationally excited. I've also nearly got all my Secret Santa and Gift Exchange stuff ready to go next week. I am itching to get the tree up too, but I have to buy a new one first! I threw our ratty old tree out last year. It had served us well, it only cost £20 and had lasted 6 years, but it was looking a bit threadbare.

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