Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feeling Positive

I felt like we had a really productive day yesterday. We've paid for an online maths tutorial, it covers all the year 9 work so that Ryan won't be missing out on anything, even if we are teaching him on paper too. Meleto are supposed to be releasing a science and english one too soon, it's well worth paying for(it works out at 25p a lesson or something). If any other home learning people see this and sign up, put me down as your referral(Claire Lane), as I get rewards!. We did that for an hour in the morning, even I learnt something, it was fab. Then we did an hour of english, retrieving facts from text. Then we did almost two hours of art, we started a project on vanishing points and perspective. This afternoon we watched the second part of the plant biology program and I set some more questions to make sure he is listening. All in all we got loads done. Today I'm taking Isobel to her school induction for two hours, so he needs to work alone. He's on his paper round at the moment, but I'm going to get him to read two chapters of his english reading book, then do some science modules on the PC.
Isobel is so excited about seeing her school today, which is a big change from the girl who hated it last April when we tried her at a local pre-school. I hope she keeps up the enthusiasm.

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