Sunday, November 25, 2007


I can't stand it anymore, I just want to escape to somewhere where we won't be bothered by all the arseholes out there. A hut in the mountains or something. Well, maybe not that remote, but you know what I mean. When we are left to our own devices and it's just us, or a handful of our friends, we are so happy. The only time we have any problems, ever, it's outside influences.
Friday night I was getting ready to go out, just about to jump in the bath, when Ryan comes pelting in shouting for me to phone the police as his friend Matt had been attacked. Apparently, a few days ago Matt asked these lads that have been giving Ryan grief for ages to leave him alone(the ones whose parents houses we had to go to a few weeks back). He wasn't nasty, he's a lot bigger than Ryan and a bit older, and he just said they were being unfair as Ryan hasn't done anything wrong. So, they decided to get their older brothers to attack him with an iron bar. The police came to us, we went round to Matt's(where he was OK, just covered in welts where they had whacked him). he didn't want to press charges, he was worried about repercussions on us and them, but the police said they had to anyway and he had no choice. I felt bad for phoning the police and basically forcing him, but you can't let people get away with this stuff. The police said they'd be arresting the lad over it, they could have killed Matt.

I'm at the end of my tether, seriously. It isn't just here where I live, it's everywhere. You can't do anything to fight it, the police are powerless really. If there are any of you out there with little kids reading this, be very very afraid for their future. You can't protect them, even if you raise them right and teach them right from wrong, and steer them in the right direction. Our kids keep their heads down, don't ever cause trouble or get into fights. They hang around with a nice group of kids, but the horrible ones will be there waiting to attack them and bully them. :(

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Dan said...

hehe sounds like a post i wrote this morning with random fighting... the joys of the 21st century eh?