Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

It's only about 33 days to go now, I'm itching to put the tree up! I am also desperate to go Christmas shopping, I can't wait much longer. I'm normally half way there by now, and I haven't even started. Pete gets paid in a week, so I'm counting down the days til my shopping session.

We've had issues in the past with Isobel and school, the two just don't mix. Lately, she's shown signs of being ready, and as she starts at the local Infant/nursery after Christmas it's a good thing. We had her first look round last week and she really enjoyed it. We were supposed to go back this week and I was to leave her alone in the class for an hour while the parents had an intake meeting in the hall. I thought it was today, so she got all excited, and when we arrived it was yesterday! I felt terrible. :( I just hope her enthusiasm lasts until January.

I've just been preparing some work for Ryan tomorrow to do while I'm at work, and there are so many resources on the Internet. I feel like there is so much to learn about and not enough time. I'm glad most of it is free, it's saving me a fortune. I've just sorted out some geography work on rivers and erosion with a quiz at the end, and a project on water resources in the third world. He's got maths to do and an art project to finish too, so that should keep him busy. He started his badminton coaching this week, there is only four of them at the moment(it's a new class), but that means more coaching time per pupil. The coach is an ex-England player, and she said he has real potential. He beat the other 3 players in every game. He's only played it once before at school and loved it, so I'm pleased that she saw something in him worth working on.

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Thursday said...

Sounds like Ryan's doing really, really well. Nice one.