Monday, November 19, 2007


Having only just recovered from Friday nights frivolities(I'm seriously getting too old for this), I am now dreading the coming weekend because we are visiting the same nightclub, which is crap, and I will be forced to drink the same drinks to drown out the music. Bluergh!

Today I was supposed to clear the garden after the frost finally finished off the last vestiges of green, but I couldn't be bothered. I was also supposed to be making apple crumble with some windfall apples, but again, I couldn't be bothered. I did, however, get lots done with Ryan. We did an hour of maths, some biology assessments(which told me that although he was in a top set at school and attaining level 6, he actually knows very little), and we spent almost two hours writing an essay on the book he just finished, Tulip Touch by Anne Fine. I read it myself this morning(in an hour, was very impressed with myself!), so I could understand where his essay was going. It was a good little book. I think a trip to the library may be in order tomorrow as it was nice and peaceful when he had his nose stuck in that book.

Anyway, on to the title of this post, I am aching. Not a fluey aching, but a bad back kind of aching. I've had a niggle in my pelvis/back since having Taylor, but it's never warranted a trip to the doctors so I've ignored it. Two weeks ago(or was it three?), something went twang and it's been giving me grief ever since. It feels like a cartilage problem, I can feel grinding going on, and I am a bit worried as osteoarthritis in the hip runs in my family. I'll have to stop procrastinating about it and make an appointment. Add that to the fact that my blood sugar keeps dropping way too low(my diabetic boss gave me the old finger prick test and proved it, my level was a 3 and should be a 4/5), and my tendonitis in my shoulder is preventing me from doing normal everyday things like ironing without pain, I'm feeling pretty old and creaky.

I'm not even thirty yet, and I'm ready for the scrapheap!

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Thursday said...

Osteopath for you methinks missy!