Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jimmy's Farm

On Saturday we went to Jimmy's Farm(it's featured in a TV series). They have a farmers market the first Saturday of the month and we fancied having a look round. We spent far too much money, but that is what we set out to do and the food is delicious. We bought some pheasant(had it for Sunday lunch today), some sausages and honey produced on the farm, cakes, local cider and some handmade chocolates.

In true Laney style I fell in love with the derelict farmhouse.

Feeding the ducks...

...and the chickens

We went for a walk in the woods and kept eating all the chestnuts off the floor. They're nicer roasted, but what the hell. We were all happily munching away until Taylor got a bad one. We all seemed less keen after that!

In the playground;

Finally, we got to meet Dolly, who if you watch the TV series you will know is the star of the show. He was a volunteer at the farm(although I believe he is now paid, and rightly so!). He is just as eccentric and enthusiastic about the place in real life as on the TV. We chatted about Guinea Pigs(they have a huge Guinea Pig Village there), and about his love of wild birds. He was just so excited to talk to us about what he loves doing, the atmosphere in the place is infectious and we all came away smiling.

And lastly, three day old piglets;

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