Saturday, October 06, 2007

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I've not really had much going on this week. I was ill on Wednesday, some kind of fluey bug. I curled up on the sofa with a raging fever all day, and could barely walk a few feet without getting worn out. It was horrible. Ryan is getting bullied at school again, but this time the school haven't even called me back to discuss it. I called 4 times on Thursday night and Friday, and lots of empty promises of teachers calling me back were made and broken. He didn't go in on Friday, and I've told them he won't be back until it's sorted. I am so sick of other peoples kids. I just want to move to the middle of nowhere. Nobody has perfect kids, Ryan can be an arrogant git and Taylor is just dumb at times(we won't mention Isobel and her bossiness), but none of them are naughty, rude, violent or disgusting. Is it really that hard to raise them properly?
I had Harvey here for a few hours this morning, then when Sam picked him up we went out for lunch and for some retail therapy. I got Isobel more winter clothes, I'm going to have to stop now, she has too many. Then Isobel had a party invite this afternoon so we meandered over the other side of our estate for that. We are signing the papers for the house sale next Friday, then I can finally take a sledgehammer to our much hated kitchen, and put my lovely new free-standing one in. I want it in by Christmas. Is that a bit ambitious of me?
I haven't taken any photos this week, but I have a few new ones from Jamaica that I like that Tony & Jeanette took.

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Dan said...

I thought you looked poorly on Thursday or Friday when I saw you... The sort of "death warmed up" look... very fetching ;)

Sucks that you're having to deal with bullies - Jaysen has an irregular run in with a couple of asshats at school, but luckily it gets dealt with.

Hope you feel better!