Monday, November 12, 2007

Rushed off my feet

I'm struggling to find time to come on here this week, I'm sure things will settle down soon. It's all change in our house right now.
We got confirmation that Isobel will be going to the school attached to Taylor's, so we are pleased with that. We have to go for a wander round on Wednesday, she seems quite excited. I wonder how long that will last!

I started home schooling Ryan today, and we've done loads. He said he's learned more today than in a week at school, so that's a positive. He did two modules of a science program on the PC this morning, about copper extraction and materials. Then we started a history project on the Spanish Armada, and started some work on poetry. Then we watched a program about seed transportation and I set him some questions afterwards. I popped down the town to get him some books from the library today, and while I was down there got some more art supplies and a chemistry set. He hasn't been able to do any experiments in science for about 18 months because of the classes bad behaviour, so we should have fun learning at home with that. It's been a good day really. I've ordered a huge bundle of books from Amazon, so when they arrive we can really get on with it.

We went to see my Dad and Pauline on Saturday, we had a lovely time but I felt a bit out of sorts all day, not quite with it, which has since been explained. I came down with a really bad cold on Saturday evening. I have since lost my voice, which everyone thinks is hilarious, and a bit of a bonus for everyone really as I talk too much. We took the kids down to the park, then on the way back they treated us to a Chinese. Isobel was extremely hard work(why is it I've got two children that were angels for eating out as little 'uns, but this third one is awful?), and I spent the whole meal trying to keep her quiet, get her to sit still etc. They gave us our wedding present, which I was extremely nervous about, and it ended up being fantastic! Why they had to leave me hanging like this for months and months I'll never know, if they couldn't afford it they should've just said, but it's done now and will come in handy. It is very much appreciated.

My friend Clairebear came over on Saturday night and we drank too much and watched crap on TV. She has finally met a decent bloke who looks after her, and it was nice to not be a shoulder to lean on and listen to her be upset about another arsehole who was ruining her life. It seems like she has finally caught a good one.

So that is all we've been up to really. Thankfully I feel a little more human today. I finally gave in yesterday and took some sinus medication to clear my head. I try to avoid it as it makes me hallucinate come bedtime. As I fell asleep so early(7.30pm) before the tablets actually kicked in, I just had awful dreams instead. Something to do with aliens that landed and liked to eat human fetuses. Not nice. I think I'll stick with my original thought and suffer the headache tonight.


dawniy said...

oooh nasty!
I'm pleased ryan is enjoying it, you've been very busy :)

Mardi said...

what science program are you using.

Laney said...

Hi Mardi, it was just the e-resources on the schoolscience website. There isn't many on there, but it's keeping him busy until our CD Roms arrive! Are there any other free ones out there?