Thursday, November 08, 2007


Look at this flood warning, it looks really scary! I hope it isn't too serious. I'm supposed to be seeing my Dad & Pauline in Maldon on Saturday.

Today we found out that there are no spaces in any schools for Ryan, so as it stands right now he's being home schooled. It's something we've talked about before and I'm happy to do it. We have the advisers from the local authority coming round next week. The schools don't have waiting lists, you have to call them once a month to see if they have spaces, so until then I'll be cracking the whip at home.

Taylor had his open evening tonight at school, he's above average for reading, writing and spelling, and average for maths, which we are so pleased with.


Thursday said...

Excellent news on Taylor. How will you do the homeschooling - you both work don't you?

Laney said...

I only work two days a week, so with two/three days of solid one on one tuition, he'll do more work than at school. He told me yesterday that they haven't done any work in his science class for at least a year as the pupils are so disruptive. I was horrified!

Thursday said...

I had the same thing for over a year with maths at school. It was never my best subject but no wonder I did so badly in the exam.