Monday, December 03, 2007


Well, Taylor's football team finally won a game! This is their first season playing together, so it's taken a while to come together. They've all been chopped and changed around on the field playing in different positions, and it seems like something has finally clicked. They won 2-0, and played really well. Their little faces when they came off were a picture, it was lovely to see. You know what it's like, if you do well and get that confidence boost, you are more likely to do well the following week. I hope it continues to get better for them.

I did a big chunk of my shopping on Saturday, but I won't feel happy until it's all done. I've got to wait until my payday now, a whole two weeks! Yesterday was Harvey's birthday party, they all behaved surprisingly well for a house full of toddlers, and Isobel had a good time.

Here she is with a rather phallic looking balloon animal:


Thursday said...

That's such a confidence boost for Taylor and the whole team. Well done him! Great expression by Isobel - I adore her hair.

Kate said...

Yay! Congratulations to Taylor!

And Happy Birthday Isobel!

Laney said...

It wasn't her birthday, sadly, though she'd probably tell you otherwise as she thinks she rules the world.

Taylor is still on cloud nine. :D