Saturday, June 16, 2007

What a bizarre evening

We went to Taylor's football presentation tonight, and I'm so glad we went as I bumped into some of my long lost family on my Dad's side there, completely by chance.
I'd noticed a few months ago that the Manager of the Under 11's side was called Greg and had the same surname as my cousin(who I knew lived in Basildon). When we got there tonight I looked around for someone familiar, and I spotted him straight away, even after 10 years I recognised him, and it was confirmed when I heard someone call him Greg. After the presentation I took a chance, went over and just randomly said hello. It was great! The last time we spoke was when I was 17 and Greg was 28, so it was fantastic to catch up. His Mum(my Dad's sister) Marion and his Dad Bob were there too and were really pleased to see me. Marion has been ill with Cancer, but has finished treatment for now. Can you believe my Dad called her once in the last year to see how she is doing. He's so bloody anti-social! I think I'm going to invite them to the wedding reception, I know I'll regret it if I don't. We all took pictures with our cameras.

Here is Taylor and some team mates waiting for the presentation to start;

Showing off their trophies;

This was Isobel at my Mums, emptying out the toy cupboard.

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