Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sunny Saturday

I started making the invites last night and stupidly stayed up until 2am making them, even though I knew we had to be up at seven this morning. Taylor had his first ever football tournament this morning, which started at 9am in Hockley. Now, I'll preface this by saying that football isn't really Taylor's best sport. He plays for a not very good team with a manager who has no idea what he is doing. He loves it though, and its all about the fun so we encourage him, but we don't ever expect him to get anywhere with it. Cricket on the other hand, he is absolutely astounding for his age. He's split the stumps with his fast bowl a few times! Ryan has the football talent in this house.
Anyway, the manager keeps playing Taylor in defence, at the back, just because he's tall and awkward for the strikers to get past. This isn't the right place for him at all, he constantly tries to run forward and not mark the goal, so its disastrous really. They had four matches to play today, the first was rubbish, but for the second the manager moved him forward into midfield and he just shone. He was amazing! Honestly, if he plays like that every week he'll do well. He was made Captain of the side, and although they didn't do very well as a team compared to the other more experienced sides, it was definitely Taylor's day. People kept coming up to us commenting on how good he'd been, and the manager has finally seen just how much better he is in a different position.
Pete took us out for a pub lunch afterwards in Rayleigh, which was yummy. Isobel was a pain, wouldn't eat her food and she moaned and moaned today. I had to go into work at 2pm and I was glad to escape for a few hours! We had an exhibition/open day type thing today at the centre. I couldn't believe how many people turned up, it was packed. I got home at about 5pm and fell straight to sleep...lightweight!

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