Monday, June 25, 2007

Musical Monday#14

This song gives me goosebumps the minute I hear the piano riff at the beginning. I'm not a huge fan of Coldplay, I like them, but don't buy their albums or anything. We saw them live at V2003, they were the headline act on the Saturday night, but we'd been in the dance tent all evening. We wandered up to the main stage to catch the end of Coldplay, and Pete and I were rather wasted by this time. We stood right on the top of the hill at the back of the crowd, cuddling each other, and this song just brings that memory right back to the front of my mind. I fell pregnant with Isobel a week later, so this song instantly reminds me of what was to come, and the excitement of it all.

Coldplay - Clocks


Thursday said...

Laney, if you check out Jilly's lastest post, my response to her comment on my post will become clear.

DO read the book and get out in the fresh air, it's the only way.

Laney said...

I just went over to Jilly's blog for a read, totally awesome!