Monday, June 25, 2007

Neglected blog

Well, I think that is possibly the longest I've ever gone without writing a blog post. Do I win a prize? To be fair, if there was a prize for the most neglected blog, Dan would win it hands down. We'll let him off though, now that he's back he can't stop posting. :D

I had a party to go to in the Community Centre where I work on Saturday. I really didn't want to go, couldn't justify the money spent really. It was one of my customers 65th birthday parties, and my boss was doing the catering(he's doing my wedding too). All the staff were invited and we felt obliged to go really, as she's a lovely lady but doesn't have many friends. It was a good laugh anyway. One of my colleagues requested Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls for a laugh, and the DJ whacked it on straight after the waltz or something. There was a massive group of elderly ladies standing there in shock, not knowing what the hell to do, but fair play to them they all had a go and started bopping. The barmen were pissing themselves laughing.

Wendy, Carol and Me

The Birthday girl with her Elvis cake, Elvis balloon, Elvis picture and Elvis Shirt. She likes Elvis.

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