Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's what my Nan would've called "a washing day" out there today(which is good as I have about three more loads to do.) The breeze and sun are just right, I'm getting lots done. I've been sitting out there weeding, playing with some Play Doh with Isobel(it's banished from the house!) and enjoying the sun peeking through the clouds. Remembering Nan saying that all those times when I was little brought tears to my eyes today. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since she died. All the things she's missed with the children, she just adored them. I'm so sad that she hasn't seen what a little madam Isobel has turned into. A year ago, Isobel could speak, but nothing like she does now. She still calls out "Nanny Farm!" whenever we see someone with a walking stick, thinking it's her. I don't want her to ever forget.

I've got the hump today, I'd best calm down before Pete comes home for lunch or we'll end up having a row. We need to pay another £50 rent as we didn't quite have enough last week. I don't get paid until next Monday, and Pete is off to Poland on his football tour on Thursday. I said this morning he'd have to give me £20 out of his tour money, and I'd take £30 out of the food money, and he went mad. So it's OK for us to go without food, as long as he has enough for his tour? This happens every year, he swans off no matter how skint we are and leaves me to it with three kids and no money.
Then, a council tax letter just dropped through the door, and because we are a week behind with our monthly payment, we will now have to pay the outstanding £800 or go to court. I didn't realise, Pete does the bills, and usually very well I might add, but obviously not this month. I'm so annoyed, I'm going to have to sacrifice the ring I want(again, as this was the first thing to be scratched off the list last week before my Mum gave us some money, and was re-instated), but he'll still get his bloody £100 spending money for Poland. Boo! I've scrubbed the carpets with some stain remover stuff this morning, trying to take out my stress on something inanimate.

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