Friday, June 29, 2007

We are mobile again!

At last, we have another car! It's only a Ford Escort, but it was a real bargain, the woman could've got another few hundred for it really. It's much nicer than our old Passat. The best news is, if I pass my test at Christmas, it'll be all mine *grin*. I'm so pleased that we have one, mainly because I was getting quite anxious about not being able to go to the cemetery to see Nanny Farm next week. It's been a year since she died, I'm not missing her any less and it still hurts almost every day. It would've really upset me if we couldn't go.

Pete missed Taylor's Sports Day today. It was rained off last week, so with the awful weather today he just presumed it'd be off again. Of course it wasn't, and Pete felt terribly guilty(Taylor couldn't care less). Pete's going to take him to a swimming pool with flumes tomorrow, just the two of them, to make up for it. He's taking Ryan to paintball on Sunday, so it's only fair really that Taylor should have some male bonding too.

Doesn't Ebay suck? I'm selling stuff on there at the moment and it's completely taken over my life. It takes hours to wash, iron, sort into age appropriate bundles, photograph, list and then track it, all for a few measly quid. I'm in £18 profit at the moment. Yippee.

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