Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back to school...

Well, the kids are back to school tomorrow. back to the mad rush in the mornings and the piles and piles of!

We went to a family fun day at Southchurch Hall today. All the way there in the car we were talking about what food we were going to have, and how hungry we were. We arrived and stampeded to the hall desperate for munch, so imagine our disappointment when all they had was a refreshment table with kitkats and crisps. We turned straight back around and marched 20 minutes to the seafront and found the nearest cafe! It was lovely, I even pushed the boat out and had apple pie and ice cream(first time in 6 months!).
On the way back we walked past Pete's old flat on the seafront. He lived here when we met, he lived with me during the week and we used to stay here at weekends.

Back at the hall, the kids got their faces painted, it was Isobel's first time so I wasn't sure if she'd sit still. Then they watched a Punch & Judy show, I'd forgotten how violent it was! Taylor liked it, of course.

Afterwards we rushed round to my Mums for a BBQ(saved me cooking dinner). She bought the kids clothes for the wedding online for me, which was a relief, less for us to worry about!

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