Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm feeling grumpy and miserable and not a very nice person to be around this evening, so I shall just leave you with a picture of my rock garden with my new plants I bought yesterday, and my newly sprouted French Beans.


Dan said...

Garden: Very nice :)
Bean-thingies: Very, er, nice and beany

Hope things cheer up darlin - I've read back through some of your posts, and hope the whirlwind of shite has lessened somewhat.

Kudos on the vegetable garden though - we're struggling to get a *lawn* to grow, so how you're growing actual, bona fide veges is beyond me.

Though we do happen to have some Californian Poppies that are doing well after someone sent them to me from the states ;)

Laney said...

I don't do lawns, so I'm with you on that one. I have neatly trimmed weeds that look like a lawn, courtesy of my Guinea Pigs. Great little organic mowers!

Glad you are impressed with my bean-like beany things. :)