Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Broken car...again!

I don't believe it, the bloody car has broken again. We should have just scrapped it the first time, when it broke down in Portsmouth. Since then it's cost us another £1000, and it still keeps breaking. The last job was done in December, and 6 months later we have the exact same problem. There is nothing we can do about it now, we'll just have to be car-less until September. I refuse to throw any more money at that car, and we haven't got any spare cash to buy another one. If and when we get the mortgage money(which of course knowing our luck, will not happen), Pete can go and get his new car. Until then, we are slumming it on the buses.

Pete is off to Poland at 9am tomorrow for his football tour, so I'm going it alone for 5 days. I'm not looking forward to rushing backwards and forwards to childminders and work, but I suppose I'd better get used to it as I'll be doing it every week when Pete goes back to work full time. My Dad and Pauline are coming over this Sunday, so I'm going to bake an apple pie. I haven't made one since December, being on diets and all that, so I can't wait. I've even bought Cornish ice cream to melt all over it.

Ryan is in trouble today, we really caught him out! I always tell the kids that I know everything that goes on in this house, I am the all-seeing eye, and I proved this week that nothing gets past me. In the past Ryan has tried to get us to allow him to have bikes that him and his mates have found lying around. We always say no, because that's basically handling stolen goods. Last week he announced that he was buying a bike off a lad called Lewis for a tenner, and it had belonged originally to his cousin. Later that day, I overheard Taylor ask Ryan "Did Lewis find that bike?", and Ryan said "Yes...I mean no, it was his Cousins". Then we realise that Lewis has covered it in stickers and changed the seat on it, which made me immediately think he'd nicked it and was covering his tracks. We hatched a plan to scare Ryan into thinking we know, so today we sat him down and gave him a chance to tell the truth, letting him think someone had stopped me in the street asking about the missing bike. Luckily for him he told the truth(he doesn't want to find out what Pete gets like when someone lies to him, it's not a pretty sight), and now he will be riding it up to the Police station on Saturday and handing it over. I'm pretty sure it was just an abandoned bike anyway, but that is not the point, and he needs to learn a lesson. I'm going to call the Police beforehand and tell them to have a chat with him about handling stolen goods. I hope they do, it'll scare the crap out of him!
I just love parenting teenagers. *sigh*

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