Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tiring Thursday

I really couldn't be arsed to get up this morning, and when I got to work I wished I hadn't bothered. I did risk assessments for my outside section and the centre a year ago, and it was time to update them. Joy. I typed so much today that I may act it out in my dreams tonight.

I forgot to mention the other day, we heard something back about the Oxford job, although bizarrely we aren't quite sure what it is yet. They're being really vague, and the HR Director is away for a few weeks so we won't know yet. We had kind of made up our minds what to do regardless, Pete has handed in his notice and accepted Halfords, he starts in September. He's still going to meet with Blackwell's, the job isn't in Oxford, it may be some kind of consultant, maybe in Performance Management(i.e encouraging the good staff and sacking the crap ones). They noticed it was a strength he had and mentioned it at the interviews, what can I say, he loves the power!

Ryan's little sister at his Mums called twice tonight while he was out, which sent him into a tailspin as soon as we told him. It's awful that the mere thought of his Mum gives him a panic attack. The poor lad never knows what to do, as he knows he has no chance of a relationship with Holly as long as she's a Witness, and he isn't actually sure if he wants to, but then of course he misses her. It's not a nice predicament for a 13 year old to be in. We can't make any decisions for him. I told him that whatever choice he makes is going to be a tough one, neither is easy and that can't be helped, but he needs to choose which of the two suits him better. If he doesn't speak to Holly then he'll stress about it, and if he does he'll stress about it. Even the thought of his Mum makes him feel sick, he doesn't sleep and his IBS flares up, he doesn't even need to actually talk to her to get like that. I'd love her to realise what she has actually done to him, he's mentally scarred for life, but she'll never admit it to herself. It's such a shame. :(

So, back to my risk assessments I go tomorrow. Boo.

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