Sunday, May 20, 2007

I hate this place!

Seriously, the people here suck! I need to move NOW!

Ryan was playing football with some local kids in Taylor's year(they are 8/9), we know them quite well as one lives next door. The football was falling apart and it popped, so Ryan came home to get his so they cold carry on playing. When he got back the Mum of one of the boys starts swearing and screaming at him trying to get him to pay for the ball, even though it was actually her own son that popped it. I'm not happy, as she was saying "You can tell your Mum I've told you to fuck off, go on fuck off home" I see this woman at the school every day and often walk home with her, and I'm going to have to say something tomorrow. I don't even get to swear at my kids with a mouth like that, so I don't know why she thinks she can. She's not even particularly a scumbag, she's actually a bit weird and her boys are odd too, so it seems unexpected. Ryan is respectful, polite, never gets in trouble(well, not yet anyway!), so just because he is a teenager she thinks she can talk to him like that. I'm fuming! No wonder teenagers feel alienated from adults and feel like they have to act out, when even the good ones are persecuted!

I went out on Friday night with Clare to watch her boyfriends band Hedgehog. The other Claire was meant to come too but had a rotten cold. I got ready round my Mums after work, rather than going home, as Clare only lives round the corner from her. It was lovely getting ready without three kids hassling me. We went out in Ilford to a pub called The Cauliflower. I drank far too much, then regretted it on Saturday morning when I had to take Taylor to football at 11am. Then we all went down the town and shopped til we dropped. We had to get presents for Isobel, and Pete bought some new clothes too as all his jeans either fall off him, or are threadbare. Saturday night Pete went out for his end of season football presentation, then they all went on to Jaks afterwards. Pete hates it in there, I must admit it sounds like my idea of hell too. Jaks has to be the crappiest nightspot in Basildon. Pete is MINGING today.

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