Monday, May 07, 2007

I am shattered!

We've had such a busy weekend, it's been manic. First, my friend Becky came down on Friday night with her baby boy Adam, as she's just split up with her boyfriend and needed to get away. It was lovely to have a chat and catch up. Adam was so good, I didn't even realise he was here, and I've honestly never seen a better looking baby. We met in hospital having our boys(she also has an 8 year old son called Robin), and were really close for years. When her marriage broke down she moved back to Coventry where her parents live, and has regretted it ever since. I'm hoping she'll move back down.
Saturday morning we drove to Portsmouth to go out for an evening meal for Pete's parents anniversary. First we went down to the seafront and had a picnic with the kids, then the boys all played football for a bit while Isobel ran me ragged!. In the evening we left all ten children at the flat, well three of them were teenagers and in charge, and made a run for it! Wesley, Ryan and Bunny coped really well, especially with Louise's twins Frankie and Lewis as they are double trouble. I can't take credit for these pictures, Pete's Dad took them. My camera hates me at the moment, it keeps rejecting the memory card.

This one cracked me up, talk about two peas in a pod!

We got home at 11pm, put the kids to bed, and then had to pack ready for our next adventure the next day. We picked my Mum up at 11am as she was staying here with the kids. We were travelling to a festival in Norfolk that some friends of ours put on. Honestly, it was fantastic. So well organised and personal. It's all in aid of our mate Martins birthday, his girlfriend Allie organises most of it. Apparently it had been pretty messy on the Saturday night, so there were various recovering bodies strewn about the site(see first picture below!). Allie pulled a massive blag and got a well known Techno DJ to come and play, Dave the Drummer(real name Henry, I have no idea where the Dave part comes from), he was excellent. Martin nearly died when he turned up, as he was on the decks himself at the time and to have one of his favourite DJ's walk in the room, he was really chuffed! Henry and his mates Neil, Lucy and Rachael sat around the camp fire talking with us until 5am, they loved it so much they'll be coming as mates rather than guests next time! Pete fell asleep at about 1.30am, bless him, but I'm not quite as old as him and managed to stay up until 6am. When I went back to our tent Pete had left the door open and rainwater had flooded my side of the bed. He's also ruined our mobile phone as it was swimming happily in a puddle of water. I finally managed to mop it up and get 3 hours sleep before the journey back home, with a very welcome pit stop for a fried breakfast.
Like I said, my camera is having a nervous breakdown, so my pictures are rubbish and all taken in the afternoon. I think Allie took some good ones in the evening so I'll have to get her to email them to me.


Anonymous said...

Was indeed a good one my friend. Sorry we missed you in the morning, didn't wake till 12 and then still took 4 hours to get out of bed! Here's to the next one, bigger and better.
P.S Can't wait to see my fire poi pictures!!!!
Sam xx

Laney said...

Hi Sam, it was wicked! I'll have to hassle Allie for the other pictures soon.