Friday, May 04, 2007


We’ve known for a while that Taylor is different, well from day one really. I can't even explain why, but I guess I'm going to have to make notes before I take him to the doctors office or I'll lose track of what I'm trying to say. I have tried to get help before, but everyone ignored or played down my worries. The rest of my family, the school nurse and the doctor just laughed it off, but now I've had enough and I want him assessed.

The thing that has been really frustrating us is his concentration issues, while they have always been present, recently they are getting really severe. We have to follow him around reminding him of his tasks, even simple ones like brushing his teeth, putting on shoes, eating food. If the TV is on, or there is anything else happening, he becomes distracted. I asked him to make a sandwich the other day, 15 minutes later (I timed him) he was still out there. I checked him and he was playing with a piece of plastic, no sandwich in sight!

He's also extremely emotionally sensitive, and becomes angry and frustrated with himself at the drop of a hat. Homework is a constant battle, as he just cries. I don't remember him ever doing his homework without crying and he's been in school now for 4 years. Last week his whole class read a story together, and that night he had to answer questions on said story. He couldn't even remember what it was about. Socially he struggles to make and keep friends, mainly because I think he doesn't understand them and they feel the same way about him. He often engages in completely one-sided conversations, trying to explain something very simple in long terms, with no idea about social cues from the listener (i.e. them looking away or yawning because they are bored). It's exasperating listening to him; he gets in such a muddle, like his brain can't keep up with his mouth. He can also misunderstand language (like catchphrases and sayings) and take them very literally, so I sometimes find myself explaining what people really mean. He has no concept of danger, time or worth. He destroys things all the time, not maliciously, he just doesn’t understand their value.

The trouble is he is passive, quiet, polite and well behaved, so he flies under peoples radars (teachers, doctors etc.). This isn't about being naughty though, this is about his quality of life. How is he ever going to cope with that big tough world out there? I can't follow him around when he's 25, reminding him to brush his teeth. In 3 years his schooling gets really tough, the kids get harder and less forgiving. I can look ahead and totally see me having to home school him, as without help now he just is going to become the playground punch bag.
I am meeting his teacher next week for some support, even if she just lets me know what she thinks, and maybe writes me a little note to take to the doctor. Then I'm seeing a paediatrician next Friday, so fingers crossed we'll get some joy this time.

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