Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Saying goodbye to the possibility of more children

I'm either being very brave or very stupid. Since having Taylor I've sporadically sorted out both his and Isobel's clothes, and kept the good quality stuff and donated the rest. I now have eight black sacks full of clothes ranging from newborn to about age 5-6. It's taken me a few months of wrestling with myself to come to a decision, but I've finally decided it all has to go. It symbolises the possibility of more children, and after a lot of soul searching I've decided that our family is entering a new phase, and although it is sad to mourn the baby days, we are done. I've always believed that the day these clothes go, I'll fall pregnant completely by accident. Lets hope that little prophecy doesn't come true. I've been sorting, washing and ironing all night and I've not even made a dent into the mountains of stuff. This could take a while!

My friend Bec just called me in tears as her boyfriend has been giving her a hard time and they've split up. She's gutted as she thought he might be 'the one', and she's had a rough few years. She's got divorced, met someone else and had her second son with him, he then turned abusive(and is still giving her grief), moved house and regretted it, then met her current man who up until now has been her saviour. I'm surprised she doesn't just become a nun. :(
Apparently his best friend told Bec that he was seeing someone else behind her back, and when she asked her boyfriend he went off his head and ignored her for a few days. It seems he was annoyed with her for thinking that of him, and they are now sheepishly talking. I'm afraid that I think he really is seeing someone else. When people get caught out they tend to lash out and deflect the anger onto the other person, it's human nature. Anyway, she is desperate to come and stay this weekend, she needs a shoulder to cry on, but we are going to Portsmouth on Saturday and a party in Norfolk on Sunday. She's coming on Friday night after work now, so I've got a busy weekend ahead of me.

Do you remember that boy who kept assaulting Ryan last year and we got the police involved. He got run over today. How's that for Karma? He seemed fine, walked into the ambulance and all that so nothing too serious. When you are continously an arsehole life has a funny way of biting you back.

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Em's way said...

Don't do it !! I got rid of all our baby stuff and promptly got pregnant with Garin ! Got sterilised after he was born, got rid of all the baby equipment .. and Garys daughter got pregnant aaagggghhhh Now his 2nd daughter has just announced she is pregnant :(