Monday, May 14, 2007

Catch Up

Our Internet has been off all week, so I am finally back online today and it's taking me ages to catch up. So, whats been happening here?

Ryan spoke to his Mum for about 2 seconds on the phone last weekend. Ryan called to speak to Holly, but Sian wanted to know why he didn't want to talk to her. He just calmly asked for Holly, and when she refused and started to get nasty he put the phone down. Why doesn't she get it? She must be thick. All she has to do is talk to him like a human being and he'd want to spend time with her. We aren't stopping him(though I'm sure she's blaming me, I get the blame for everything else). He's not an easily manipulated child anymore, he's almost 14 and has his own mind and opinions. She's a fool, if she admitted her mistakes and apologised she might be able to salvage a relationship with him.

Last Wednesday would've been my friend Lisa's birthday, and obviously her twin sister Clare's birthday too. I've thought about Lisa lots this week. It's such a shame, I still can't believe she's gone. I often think about her little daughter, who's only just older than Isobel, and how she's coping without her Mum. I'm going out with Clare this weekend coming, with the other Claire too(now you know why I'm called Laney, all these Claire's around it gets too confusing), to celebrate/grieve their birthday. It's hard to know what to call it. I'm sure there will be lots of talking about her, but hopefully some fun too.

We went to a party at our friend Bushy's house on Saturday, I really wasn't in the mood, and just couldn't get drunk at all. Bouncing on a wet trampoline at 3am with Bushy and Leigh was the best bit. :) Everyone kept asking about the preparations for the wedding, of which we've done none(I have a dress and a tiara, that's it), and it got a bit boring telling the same stories over and over again. I must be the only woman alive who finds bridal talk boring. Most women love planning weddings, I think it sucks.

Me and Leigh

Bushy the birthday boy

Yesterday I met up with my friend Gemma and took the kids to an indoor playground, the weather has been so crappy there isn't much to do. She had her stepson with her, she finds it quite hard to spend time with him as she hasn't a maternal bone in her body, so it's nice to see them getting on. I'm not particularly maternal either, and I've got three of the little buggers, which I'm sure makes her feel better. It is tough being a step mum at first.

Taylor's doctors appointment went well, he wants him to be tested for ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. I'm pleased he agreed with what my suspicions were, even though I never said a word about what I thought it might be. That's his job, he's the doctor after all! He needs to see a specialist but I've got to get a report from his teacher first. I'd just like him to get some extra help at school.

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